Homebrew/php (deprecated)

These formulae were relating to PHP.

As announced on the 19th of January this tap was archived on 31st March 2018.

All formulae were migrated to Homebrew/homebrew-core or deleted.

18年3月, homebrew/php 这个tap不在维护了,扩展全部转移到 homebrew-core 或者 delete,   php70-redis 这个扩展被删除了,安装需要源码安装,记录一下
  1. git clone
  2. cd phpredis
  3. phpize
  4. ./configure
  5. make
  6. make install
  7. 修改php.ini 文件,加载扩展  extension = /usr/local/Cellar/php@7.1/7.1.19/pecl/20160303/
  8. 重启nginx  php -m | grep redis 查看


tags: PHP,brew,Mac